Real Estate Myths, Truths and Methods in this Market

There are a number of practices to use in this unique real estate market–which are the most practical? “Everyone’s got an opinion.” It’s a phrase we’ve heard may times–and often with another not-so-polite second part attached to the end. In this unique real estate market, no one is short on opinions when it comes to […]

Anthony Cosenza | Jun 1, 2022

A Look at First-Time Homebuyers’ Preferred (And Non-Preferred) Home Features

As they dive into this unique real estate market, first-time homebuyers have clear ideas of what features they want in a home While today’s market is currently favoring sellers, buyers are still putting their stamp on purchases. In their home searches, first-time homebuyers have some strong opinions on home features. We’re going to have a […]

Anthony Cosenza | Apr 4, 2022

Secrets for a Successful Home Purchase in this Aggressive Real Estate Market

Some tips for homebuyers–first-time or otherwise–can help your home purchase experience in this market. As homebuyers traverse this challenging real estate market, they aim to get as many useful items in their purchase toolbox. Part of that process is getting secrets for a successful home purchase in this aggressive real estate market. Here at Casa […]

Anthony Cosenza | Mar 28, 2022

How Will the Current Global Landscape Shape the Future of the Housing Market?

Whether we’re talking about the crisis in Eastern Europe, soaring gas prices, or inflation, all could have long-term effects on house prices. Since the early months of 2020, the world has struggled to keep up with the many issues hitting society. Now, as 2022 is off and running, we’re seeing the ripple effects from said […]

Anthony Cosenza | Mar 15, 2022

2022 Economic Forecast Predicts Inflation Continuing to Affect Rent Rates

A prominent economic forecaster from UC Irvine predicts that rent rates will continue to rise along with inflation. There have been many unforeseen obstacles hitting the global landscape over the past couple of years. From the COVID-19 pandemic to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, it’s been hard to get a grasp on where the economy and […]

Anthony Cosenza | Mar 3, 2022

How the Russia-Ukraine conflict could affect the U.S. Housing Market

Uncertainty surrounding Russia and Ukraine may have ripple effect on United States’ mortgage rates It seems as if the promise of the world normalizing in 2022 was short-lived. Tension in Eastern Europe is bringing about a lot of questions–one of them being how the Russia-Ukraine conflict could affect the U.S. housing market. According to HousingWire, […]

Anthony Cosenza | Feb 25, 2022

Late February Real Estate Market Update

The end of the month brings about some interesting information for buyers, sellers and lessees. As many folks probably know, we are at a very interesting time in the real estate market. A number of variables are making it that way, but as we approach spring, late February’s real estate market update brings optimism. While […]

Anthony Cosenza | Feb 24, 2022

Disneyland “Imagineers” Will Design a Themed Community in Rancho Mirage

The mega-brand behind immensely popular theme parks, movies and TV shows is master-planning a “magical” desert community The giants behind some of the most iconic characters in the entertainment industry and associated theme parks are expanding their reach into real estate. It was recently announced that Disneyland “Imagineers” will design a themed community in Rancho […]

Anthony Cosenza | Feb 22, 2022